Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The ultimate bizarre Kijiji trade (618)

An anonymous submitter was selling some Star Wars comics on Kijiji and found an interested party. However, this person wanted to trade, not buy. Kijiji trades can sometimes be surprising and wonderful. Not so in this case:

The Goliath bird-eating spider is, as its name suggests, large enough to eat a bird.
Any interest in trades?
2 JBL northridge series, n24 model
2 psb alpha mini speakers canadian made
40 gallon hexagon fish tank, canister filter, heater, aerator, and light
2 10-20 gallon tanks water tight
40 gallon tanks not water tight great for reptiles.
guitar stand
about 30,000 sports cars, lots of baseball some hockey, and some basketball, dont know much about them recieved in on trade!
a lower end ion guitar, great starter guitar, comes with gig bag as well
a jay tursor flying v guitar great action
an "old school muscle" weight bench, includes some weights, bench press leg curls and a dumb bell, also has the pull down bar
2 ball pythons,they eat frozen mice, and comes with exoterra 24x18x18 tank with lock heat pad and all decor
a goliath bird eating tarantula in a 20 gallon tank with heat pad and all the decor needed
a star trek kgenerations numbered with certificate of authenticity plaque and stamp and card

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