Friday, August 3, 2012

Desperate for a job, but don't want to work (639)

If you were in such desperate circumstances that you could barely afford to live, what would you do to earn an income?

Of course, you'd place an ad in the wrong section of Kijiji and insist that you're not going to leave your house. You'd demand that someone serve you with employment that doesn't require you to so much as pick up a phone or step outside the door. Somehow you'd believe that there's a secret underground career cult that pays people a living wage to stay at home.

Oh, and it would have to part-time.

Address Parklane Dr, Halifax, NS B4C, Canada
Job Type Part-Time

I am currently trying to look for a job that I am desperately in need of. I'm in a really rough spot right now and can barely afford to pay any bills, or afford to keep my place that I live. I am looking for something I can do from home.

Unfortunately, I do not have a car, nor a phone, which is why I'm desperately reaching out for something that I can do from home.
I'm a hard, loyal worker, and also a fast learner, if anybody has anything, I'd really appreciate it.

Please contact me via e-mail if anybody has anything.
Please only legit replies. I'm not going to do anything strange or anything like that.

Thanks for your time.

**Please only serious replies, I will ignore anything that is inappropriate or is an obvious scam. **
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