Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is Kijiji broken today? Yes, but....

The Ad you are looking for is no longer available but we found other ads that may match what you are looking for

"What's wrong with Kijiji?"

Kijiji is having some technical difficulties this week. It's not broken for everyone on every page, but it's very broken for many people. It's not just you.

As of the end of Wednesday, August 8 2012, there's been no update at, or at or anywhere I can see on the front page of the local site, but something significant is very definitely wrong.

Kijiji users started noticing it early this week -- and today's symptoms have included:
  • " The Ad you are looking for is no longer available but we found other ads that may match what you are looking for. " pages for items that are very much available. (Could just be superstition, but I had luck clicking the ad text from the list, rather than the ad headline.)
  • Difficulty posting ads. One Twitter user just told me it took six tries to post.
  • The front-page tally that shows how many millions of ads Kijiji has right now read "0" at one point.
So, does Kijiji know the system is borked? Oh, you bet they do. And I bet they're double-fisting Red Bull or Mountain Dew or Bawls or whatever they drink at Kijiji HQ, trying like crazy to fix this thing.

I mean, if you think I take Kijiji too seriously, imagine how seriously Kijiji takes Kijiji.

The only offical word I've had about what's happening has been through the @Kijiji Twitter feed:
  • Tuesday morning: "We seem to be having site issues this morning. Perfect after a #longweekend! Working on a fix now. Thanks for your patience!"
  • Wednesday mid-afternoon: "We seem to be having some site issues right now. We are working on them!"
  • Wednesday evening: "Having some #technicaldifficulties today. We are working on them. Thanks for your patience!"
As of this writing, that's the last I have. Stick it out, brothers and sisters. Things will soon be back to normal, or even better.

1 Responses to “Is Kijiji broken today? Yes, but....”

Prophet of Profit said...
August 9, 2012 at 3:07 AM

Ah, and here I thought it was just me and my borked browser. I guess that calms my nerves a tad, but those no-more-ad gremlins are making me bite off my fingernails at an alarming rate, sort of like how much wood would a woodchuck chuck or something to that effect. ;p

A quick Google search (how I found you) revealed that this is an old problem which keeps rearing its ugly head.

FYI: Did you know that 'Kijiji' is actually Swahili for 'the village of the damned spam'? Okay, I made that up, but it's somewhat true. They don't mind if you spam with multiple accounts, spam in different categories to aid your desperate sale, repost on the hour or even every fifteen minutes, and post duplicates into the same category for maximum exposure.

Why do I still use Kijiji, you may ponder. Why not? Even though it's a spam-friendly site, it took over the other mom & pop websites. I guess my bottom line is that Kijiji is indeed 'broken' and nobody from Kijiji is cleaning up the spammy doo-doos... starting to stink in there (virtually, that is).

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