Friday, August 3, 2012

Kijiji team outdoes A-Team and Scooby Doo gang with Van

What did the A-Team and Scooby Doo have in common? They both had iconic vans as the uncredited stars of the shows. Now Kijiji has outdone both of them with a new ride for their promo crew.

Kijiji is no stranger to weird vehicles. They cruised Canada in the Kijiji K-Car (a nice reliant automobile) for years. I don't know much about this new van, but it was spoken about this evening on Twitter in terms reserved for moon landings and secret spy missions.

Here's what's either a first look at the Kijiji Van or a hipsterized view of something many have seen before. Either way, look at this freakin' van!

Kijiji van front view with Ontario license plate THEKTEAM

Kijiji promo van being unloaded from transport truck

For more pictures of THEKTEAM's Van of Destiny, see Kijiji's Vancouver community rep Annie Feng, @annieyfeng on Twitter, and look for her Instagram pics.

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