Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Backyard wrestling (BYO backyard) (645)

Kijiji is great for recruiting band members, but perhaps not for professional wrestling opponents, especially if you're below the age at which Kijiji says you're allowed to post ads. Without giving too much away, I was involved in professional wrestling for a brief time in my life. Having suffered some dumb injuries even when doing it "correctly" with professional supervision in a proper ring, I can say with confidence that at least one of the kids involved in the project you see here will not be walking properly in adult life.

CRW ((Chocolate river backyard wrestling ))
Address Riverview, NB, Canada

I`ve been thinking of creating my own backyard wrestling federation, i haven`t seen much around Riverview or moncton so if anyone is interested in helping me create this show and or got any advice i`d be willing to hear you out!. I`m 15 but i have knowledge of wrestling and hope to make this happen. and if someone had a backyard could use that would be great cause i currently live in an apartment.

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