Monday, October 22, 2012

Kijiji Dryer gets the extra-hype treatment (661)

you need DRY Clothes? your wait is over!
Price $75.00

Many years ago I got married. Although I love my wife dearly, I have not been the same man since. I am just a simple man; I don't understand why towels have to match the shower curtian. Why does a home need three different sets of completly matching dishes; seriously, a clean plate is sufficient for me; a steak tastes just as good when it is served on a dish from walmart as it is when served on royal dulton china, doesn't it?

I like things to be useful, as long as something does the job that it's supposed to I am happy. I have many things that work - my lawnmower, my snowblower and even on old vhs vcr that I have. Heck why get rid of something if it works right? Apparantly I'm wrong and my wife is not as easily satisfied.

I'm a resonable person, when our washer gave out I thought we'd buy a new washer; but I was surprised to find out that a washer and dryer must be alike, in every respect. White is so 2005. Now a washer and dryer has to be red, blue, or are even black, and they both have to look nearly identical. Yeah it's crazy I know.

What does this have to do you you? You need dry clothes. I have too much drying capacity. Let my misery be your savlation! My bachelor adequeate 1999 Moffat HD dryer can be yours (if you are married, stop reading now and go to the applicance store and buy a fancy matching set like I had to); all I want from you is 75 of your hard earned dollars. I've probably sent more than that in cash through this machine in the last 12 years - it does not eat money! It might cost a few bucks to operate though!

This dryer once served extra hard duty cleaning the clothes of one of my university roomates... she didn't understand the true meaning of "wash colours seperately"..... I'm sorry Natasha, that doesn't mean washing and drying one thong at a time.....

It has 5 programs, but I have no idea what that means - I turn it on, and a while later I have dry clothes... really that's all you need in life isn't it?

But wait, there's more! Email me in the next few minutes and I'll include free delivery if you're in St. John's, Logy Bay or Torbay! The fellas with wet clothes in CBS will have to come by to pick it up, but all you guys out there got pick up trucks anyway!

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