Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trailer for sale - King of the Road (666)

It's not the trailer, it's the story, as sent in by Jennifer in "the frozen tundra" of Grand Prairie, Alberta.

YOU buy a big truck, big camper, and big quad because “WE” have dreams of driving off together on weekend getaways to catch fish, washing them off with an awesome outdoor shower, cookin’ ‘em on the open fire or the bbq if that’s how you roll, swappin’ tales of whose is bigger.

FIRESIDE SPECIAL: Holiday Trailer & Quad (FREE story included)
Price $26,000.00
Address Grande Prairie, AB T8X 1K5, Canada
Year 2008

Here's a STORY to Get You Ready for the HOLIDAY SEASON...Hey kids..that nice lady is selling the dream so gather round....

Picture this...YOU buy a big truck, big camper, and big quad because “WE” have dreams of driving off together on weekend getaways to catch fish, washing them off with an awesome outdoor shower, cookin’ ‘em on the open fire or the bbq if that’s how you roll, swappin’ tales of whose is bigger...that is only SOME of what you TOO could have...

THEN one day you wake up to find that the big truck is is the man who used to hook up that nice trailer and launch that big-a** quad into the big truck..probably driving it through the country as I troll through our albums looking for the best pictures to show you...

UNFORTUNATELY I am not selling A MOTORHOME so make sure you own a big truck that can drive the following stuff off my driveway..which reminds me..there's ramps to drive the quad into the back of your truck and a 6" drop hitch which costs $500 for those of you with a truck with lift kit like I USED TO HAVE! Oh..."might" even throw in a brand-new 2200 watt Powerhouse Generator which does me no good in the woods in my TENT I'll be borrowing from one of my friends who STILL OWN THEIR HOLIDAY TRAILERS and used to have a good chuckle with about those POOR SAPS who sleep on the GROUND!!

As I sit here with my Baileys and coffee trying to keep warm as the first snow flies, I recognize that this might not be the kind of weather motivating you to think about fishing and campfires, but if that’s a deal breaker, pay me now and I’ll throw in free storage ‘til Spring! You remove my headache...I provide you with the BEST KIDS’ CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! And you’re the coolest PARENTS EVER! I think I’ll even throw in the sling shots, dishes, and cookware including a cast iron Dutch Oven that makes amazing Seafood Chowder AND a ”Skookie” at the SAME TIME over an open fire! May long weekend here you come!

Big A** QUAD: YAMAHA GRIZZLY 700 fuel-injected, 1 978 km and power modifications (snorkel, rad relocation, 2 bro power-pipe, dyna-tech chip, 27" Swamp-Lite tires, 112 SS rims...blah blah blah...manly enough for you??? His buddies thought so....)

Don't want the Quad? Buy it and flip it...I don't care! I WILL NOT CHOP IT UP FOR YOU...Sure I’d love to get what I owe...these are only the tip of the iceberg....but will negotiate with a reasonable SERIOUS buyer who recognizes I’m a motivated seller...maybe these loans are assumable...I just want to find someone who will live the dream so I can live it vicariously through my tent. Stay tuned...probably there will be more listings as I go through the garage and the MAN-CAVE!!! and NOT you CONSIGNMENT agents from the USA who "guarantee" this sale of my things...have you google yourself? Reviews aren't good!

Here’s an AMMENDED ad which an RV place used to convince me to buy my trailer...
FOR SALE: 2008 JAYCO JAY FLIGHT G2 29BHS... GREAT LAYOUT (couch across from the table...easier for playing cards or sharing a meal) WITH BUNKS AND A SLIDE. 40TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION WITH ELECTRIC Frickin’ AWESOME AWNING AND LCD TV. UVW:5,575 lbs. Whole Wheat Decor. Comes with Customer Value Pack (A/C Central 15,000 BTU with wall thermostat, Shirt wardrobe in bedroom MINUS RECENTLY DONATED MALE CLOTHING, Double 30-lb. LP gas bottles w/regulator, ABS tub surround...I WILL MISS SHOWERS, Tub/shower skylight, Powered attic fan in bathroom, THREW AWAY the Quilted bedspread recently, Sink cover/cutting board (1)SERIOUSLY? WHO CARES?, Microwave oven with carousel, Bi-fold cover for range, Water heater bypass system, Home theater system, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound w/DVD), LCD TV which KIDS LOVED & gave adults way more free time/peace n quiet round the fire, Front Diamond Plate, Water Purifier, Lino Living Area, Stabilizer Jacks and Spare Tire. EZ lube axles, Outside shower...solved SANDY FEET ISSUES many times, Rubber roof, Oven..used once to make BISCUITS, 3/8 Walk on Roof plywood decking, 5/8 Tongue and groove plywood floors, 6 Gal. Gas/Elec. DSI water heater Unit Options: Bunk beds (2 on bottom/1 on top so find a pal BOTH your kids like), Pillow top mattress on queen, DVD player (why mentioned so OFTEN?), Leveling jacks, Surround sound system, Rear roof access ladder, Outside BBQ, Max-Air vents, Porta tank & miscellaneous accessories including 2" rear hitch for bike rack or trailer. Trailer is in very good condition. Kids loved it! Non-smokers. Cute bears no longer available...thrown out when winterized!

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