Thursday, December 20, 2012

Donkey Kong album could be a record-breaker (679)

I can't remember any other Kijiji ad featured here that made me want to go to any length to rescue the item and make it mine. Reader Brad (thanks Brad!) sent in this ad for a Donkey Kong album.

Donkey Kong vinyl LP 1983

What is this I don't even....but I want it. I don't live near Ottawa, but I want it. And it's urgent because if someone doesn't buy this Donkey Kong vinyl LP for just $20, the owner says he will smash it in a HD YouTube video. I hope that doesn't happen, but if it does, I'll sadly post the video here. Here, read the ad.

Donkey Kong Nintendo Vinyl *SAVE FROM DESTRUCTION * in 3 days
Price $20.00
Address Ottawa, ON K1Z, Canada

The Count Down Continues!
* If this record is not sold within 3 days it will be destroyed...
a literal mash up filmed for YouTube
Please act swiftly to save this record!
Be Mario to this Lady record and save her.
Only your purchase can help!

Will trade for cash...
All other trade requests have been unanimously refused by the Donkey-Kong-Record-Destruction-Committee

REWARD FOR GOOD DEED: Bonus - The Black Hole Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl Record

Rare 1983 Nintendo Donkey Kong vinyl record.
Vinyl is in decent playing condition with some minor scratches and signs of use. Manufactured in Canada. Might be a promotional copy as there is a small hole in the cover (top right - see photo).

*******Play it, Frame it, Save it ********

SEE?! And this would make the perfect companion piece for the Donkey Kong album:

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