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Anti-corporate rant that's a great deal on a broken dishwasher (697)

This Halifax ad is right up my alley. I've sold broken things on Kijiji before and plan to again. I'm straight up honest about it: this thing's broken, and I think this is what needs replacing. I'm not going to, but if you want to try, take it off my hands for cheap.

But in this case, it's a dishwasher from Sears and the seller's kind of angry.

Beautiful Sears Kenmore dishwasher -or a really nice boat anchor
Price $74.00
Address Portland Hills, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

OK. So after nearly 1600 views, none of you buggers have made me an offer. So I thought a price drop was in order. 74 dollars. That's my final for today, and I expect you better act fast. I disconnected it and replaced it last night, it's sitting in my kitchen because I can't take it down the stairs by myself, and my dog is drinking extra water and eyeing it up as a very shiny hydrant.
As I said last time, it washes dishes beautifully – probably the best of any dishwasher I’ve owned, actually – but it isn’t so good at getting rid of the water at the end of the cycle.

Two years ago, my wife and I built a house, and installed a Kenmore dishwasher. Within six months, it had stopped draining at the end of the cycle. So we called Sears, believing that it would be an easy fix. I’ve never considered myself a moron before, but my blind faith in Sears would prove that I should have my mittens tied together with a string, and I should only eat with spoons, as I could easily lose an eye if I tried a fork. Anyway, had to keep calling Buddy on the graveyard shift of Customer "Service" in New Delhi" to deal with the problem. Buddy hated me instantly because I woke him up- no way he was going to make this easy. In the meantime, we washed dishes by hands for weeks, waiting for their repair man to show up - I guess it took some time for the work order to make it the 15 time zones back to Halifax. Then we have to take 4 hours off from work (the repairman only promises to show up some time in the four hour block), burn our gas to get to and from work, only to be told, “we have to order a new drain pump”. Weeks more of hand-washing dishes. My finger nails have never been cleaner, and my hands never softer. “More than just mild. You’re soaking in it”. Remember that commercial? That was me, the new Madge, only with a five o’clock shadow, idiot mittens, and a fork stuck in my eye. In comes the part, so we have to book off another 4 hours of work, drive to and from work on our own nickel. In goes the new part, and the dishwasher works, kind of. . . for about 4 months, then it breaks again. Wash dishes by hand for 3 weeks. 4 hours off from work. Order part. Wash dishes for a week. Take 4 hours off. Install new part. Doesn’t work. Order same part again. Wash dishes for two weeks. 4 hours off from work. Part still doesn’t make it work. Order same part for the third time.

At this point we called back the Sears Buddy in New Dehli and suggested that we got a lemon. “Nope. Can’t be a lemon until it’s been fixed 3 times” they say. “It has been fixed 4 times”, says I. “Nope. The last 3 visits have been the same problem, so they only count as one”, says they. I went into the store where I bought it, and said “you sold me a lemon, please sir, may I have another?”. “Nope” says they. “We only take your money here. We don’t help you with your problems... call New Dehli. Now shoo, you’re scaring off our next victims”. So, I tell them that I’m going home to rip out the dishwasher, and I’m gonna sit on it in front of their store during their biggest sale of the year. And I would have, but after an exhaustive letter writing and email campaign with Head Office, the manager contacted us and after another few weeks, we finally got a replacement.

That replacement (same model) still washes dishes beautifully, but after 11 months of use, it doesn’t drain. Now, if I didn’t have PTSD from dealing with these clowns in the past, and dish pan hands so bad that they’re cracking, I’d tilt at this windmill again. I’ve thought about taking a page from the book of that raving lunatic in North Korea, let my kids starve while I build a catapult and threaten to launch the dishwasher through the window of Sears. But I’m too tired. Went out last night, bought a new dishwasher (NOT from Sears).

So. If you have the skills and the time to replace the pump in this dishwasher (I have neither skill nor time), and you have 74 bucks, you’ll get a good deal and I’ll get back the tank of gas I spent dealing with a store that treats its customers like morons. Stand by for more price drops.

6 Responses to “Anti-corporate rant that's a great deal on a broken dishwasher (697)”

Anonymous said...
April 17, 2013 at 7:51 AM

Kijiji pulled our ad after it had reached over 50,000 views. We had so many great responses from all over Canada, and people still contacting us wanting to know what happened. My husband (the ad writer) is scheduled to be on CBC Radio Mainstreet Halifax today, Wednesday, April 17th @ 5:15pm.

Anonymous said...
April 18, 2013 at 9:10 AM

I hear you. Mine was a sealy mattress not yet a year old with broken springs guaranteed for 10 years. Sears doctor said because I spilled coffee on the mattress it was no longer under warranty. The charlottetown manager could not explain how caffeine affects mattress springs. I, like you, purchased a new matttess. Not sealy and not from sears. Buyer beware!

Anonymous said...
April 18, 2013 at 4:44 PM

I love it. I purchased a shower stall from Home Hareware. after fighting with the non sensial instructions I was directed from the store manager to the plumbing manager to the supplier's (Renwil) manager. Who knew nothing about the product. In the mean time I found the parts didn't fit well and a Glass door was cracked. I'm Still waiting for a new door 5 weeks now. buyer beware

Anonymous said...
April 19, 2013 at 7:20 PM

My wife and I are sitting here laughing, because we just got rid of a year old Frigidaire dishwasher (that is the twin to the kenmore above) and replaced it with a Bosch just like the original poster. Too funny!!!

Anonymous said...
April 22, 2013 at 11:02 PM

Dear friends, I had a problem with Sears and my washer! I used twitter and low and behold they fixed my problem in days instead of weeks! They have folks right here in Canada that monitor twitter and sure want you to stop tweeting about their horrible customer service!

James Petter said...
January 14, 2021 at 7:20 AM

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