Monday, April 15, 2013

Stabbin' Cabin: The motor home for the devil in you (698)

Cruise the country like a low-rent rock star in this motor home tricked out for the man-whore on a budget.

The wildest hellcat motorhome you'll ever see!
Price $1,000.00
Address Airdrie, AB, Canada
Year 1976
Kilometers 12345
Colour White

Do you often find yourself stumbling from a campfire, and trying to set up a cheap green tent in the dark?
Have problems meeting smokin hot women with questionable morals?

Well these problems will be no more with this beautiful piece of history, dubbed The Stabbin Cabin! You won't have to be the best lookin cat at the Joe Diffie concert to be #1 with the ladies anymore!

All three doors work and this thing starts up and runs great! Nothing says CLASS like orange and brown, and this rig is full to the BRIM of tacky colours! Everything that could be loved about the 70's embodies this hot rod.

Comes with a FREE baseball bat to defend yourself. You could take on 3 grizzly bears and a wildly disgruntled honeybadger!
(or if you want a gun-rack, nail one to the wall. See if I care)

It has been rumoured that Charlie Sheen himself shotgunned 4 beers in this very babe-wagon you see pictured here! And who doesn't like shotgunning beers? Terrorists, thats who. Are you a terrorist? No? Then you probably need this vehicle.

Equipped with a propane stove you can cook gourmet meals with ease!
The fridge works great (stuffed with ice bags) to keep all your drinks chilled for the duration of your time alone with nature.

There may be a few leaks, but I'm quite certain that it is pure testosterone, and will be an improvement to the environment anywhere you drive.

The interior doesn't look great, but this machine isn't designed to pick up crappachino-voodoo latte's at chic coffee shops, so that shouldn't be a problem.

The tread on the tires will send you flying through the trails to get to the ultimate camping spot! When this motor roars to life you'll send all small mammals and hipsters scurrying for shelter. With Dodge power this sleazy hotel on wheels can come and go faster than a virgin on prom night!

This thing handles like the Queen Mary in a swimming pool, but it's a motorhome, what do you expect. I found an un-labled pull switch, this may be an eject button. Pull with caution.

If you think you're man enough to handle this rig, give me call. We can discuss change of ownership while drinking rye and listening to Johnny Cash.

1976 Dodge Class C motorhome. The C stands for Classy.
Judging by the evidence I've found inside, this rig went to Blackrock, Nevada in 2011. This rig may be invincible, and outlive both you and your next two generations of top-notch offspring.

Asking $1000. I'm not too keen to sell, but I need some spare cash to build up my next tow-rig for May Long

**Last registered in BC. The law says that you need an out of province inspection, but you could get creative. I have faith in you**


The Stabbin Cabin is a public figure on facebook! You're not only buying a hotel on wheels, you're buying CLASS!

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