Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kijiji rental scammer Hartlen now wanted on Canada-wide warrant

Jason Hartlen: if you're out there, you'd better turn yourself in. You're a wanted man. And from the sounds of things, quite the scumbag.

Hartlen, you were accused back in 2010 of screwing some nice people out of thousands of dollars during the Olympics in Vancouver. You're also wanted in Alberta for the same thing.

Now it looks like you've hosed some folks in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan out of a thousand bucks or more for a damage deposit on a property you don't even own.

Yeah, people should be smart and not spend money for properties they can't verify -- this apartment was actually rented by the crook. And yes, giving a stranger a thousand dollars in cash for an apartment with no paperwork is a dumb thing.

But you're a dick. Really, man. Just walk into a police station and give up. Tell them you're the jerk who ripped 24 people off in Saskatoon for more than $24,000.

Of course, Jason Hartlen may be an alias. It may be just one of many names you're using to fleece people all over western Canada.

I want you caught and brought to justice. The cops are looking for you.

“We’re going to be finding out all this information through our Canada-wide network of fraud investigators,” said Sgt. Keith Briant with Saskatoon Police. “Anywhere he’s checked for whatever reason, he’ll be arrested and shipped back to Saskatoon to stand and face the judge.”

Good. Loser.

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Lacey said...
May 29, 2013 at 4:57 PM

Thankyou for this, I am a 27 year old mom of 5 and i was scamed for 25.00 January 2013 ,In airdrie Alberta
not only did he ( marten and kate) do this a year after my husband lost his leg due to a rig injury in November 26 2011 After trying to fight to keep us up float, 2 weeks after my premature son was born at 3 lbs 6 weeks early from the already maddness, having to bring a one legged man 4 kids and a new baby to live in our camper , i ended up loseing my husband and loseing my kids because i couldent provide for my children,not only have they hurt me in such a way words can explane, ive lost my only family i had, now single with 1 son still remaing in my care im fighting to get my other 4 back, witch for 7 years all i ever did was be a stay at home mom im now forsed to pay for all the time i get with my son at my own expence, i have to work, and i cant even afford a buspass, i have been bouncing around trying to get a start and i can't because of this sitation these 2 people have put me in, I did find out were my money was picked up, *In tronto * but there is nothing i will ever get back All i wanna say is Thankyou.. Thankyou for ripping my 5 kids up into 3 diffrent homes, thankyou for destroying my 7 year marrage, And thankyou for this lovely start to a new life. the lord has plans for you , im just hopeing you used this money for something good. good luck and i really hope i never meet you .

Anonymous said...
November 8, 2014 at 5:23 AM

Wow, can you imagine the destruction he could have caused if he scammed her for $50? Hahaha. This chick is messed up...

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