Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stupid Halifax criminals use bear spray on Kijiji seller

I don't know why criminals in Halifax are such jerks. Beat a guy up? Threaten him with a knife? Criminal activities, sure, but they're traditional and straightforward.

But to ambush a Kijiji seller with bear spray? That's low and cheap. Low-down dirty scumbags making people unreasonably afraid to sell their wares on an otherwise safe and reputable site. Seriously.

This incident happened at a somewhat late but not unheard-of hour for a Kijiji sale: 9:30pm near Gaston Rd. and Lacomb Dr. in the Halifax suburb of Dartmouth.

The victim is a 25-year-old man who said he met two strangers through Kijiji to sell a piece of jewelry. I'm not saying that's a bad part of town -- trailers and two-storey homes -- but it's not a well-traveled public place, know'msayin'?

Kijiji sale goes badly at Gaston Road in Dartmouth.
Once buddy handed over the jewels, the crooks blasted him with an "unknown noxious substance" according to police. Read bear spray or pepper spray or dog spray or Axe deodorant. Paramedics attended, treated the dude and let him go. Cops brought dogs but couldn't find the dicks who did this.

These a-holes are described as: skinny black guy, 18-23 with a fade haircut and tattoos on the right side of his neck and back of right hand. Classy. He was wearing a black track suit like a true jewelry connoisseur. His sidekick was a white guy with pretty much the same description, except he's white: 5'11" and slim with tattoos on his neck. The other dude's track suit must've been pretty awesome because the victim didn't even notice if the white guy was WEARING clothes.

Know something about this? Call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. You don't have to give your name, you're not talking to the cops, and you could be eligible for a cash reward which you can use to buy dozens of puppies on Kijiji.

Also, to bear-spray-toting Halifax criminals: grow up.

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