Friday, June 14, 2013

The ultimate modern Newfie hippie vehicle (706)

Thanks to reader Guiseppe for sending this Rock star vehicle in. Most 21-year-olds wish they could be as cool as this vehicle.

Unleash your Inner Hippie
Price $6,500.00
Address St. John's, NL A1A 3T1, Canada
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For Sale By Owner
Year 1992
Kilometers 259000
Colour Red
Have you always wanted to see the world through pink lensed John Lennon glasses? Do you wear tie dye shirts and your hair long? Do you feel more comfortable in Birkenstocks and wool socks? Ever dream of putting a flower in your hair and going to San Francisco? Do you feel the need, not for speed, but for relaxation and smiles from those that pass you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to unleash your inner hippie!!!

I can help. You need to travel the open roads with a sense of not where you are going but how you are moving through life. You need a VW Camper Van. I have a VW Camper Van that you can have.

Why would you want to be another nameless yuppie in the campground with a 30-odd foot trailer and big truck when you can putter about in a modern version of a classic VW Pop Top Camper. Every kid that sees it smiles. Most of the adults that see it smile; those that don’t smile have dark inner beings that refuse to let those folks be at one with the earth.

What is life like living in a VW Camper… I don’t know, but a friend’s parents lived in one though a winter in the late 60s and they since had two kids and are still married – Life in a VW camper makes you a better person, more tolerant of yourself, others, and especially the VW Camper.

You don’t need the AC (that’s good because it doesn’t work anyway!) because you're already so cool. You like that it’s a 5 cylinder 130hp engine with an automatic transmission because you’re in no rush to get anywhere – the trip is about the trip, not the traffic! You and up to three of your closest friends can sit, eat and sleep comfortably inside, there’s even room for a couple of dogs to help keep you company. You’re not worried about chillaxxin because the on board AC/DC fridge is so quiet it will not shake you all night long and it will keep all your favourite wobbly pops cold for when you stop and play the guitar (mine is not included, but we could make a deal) next to the campfire. You don’t mind that there’s no bathroom because you’d rather give back to the earth what the earth gave to you.

Skinny dipping in the stream is ALWAYS better than a hot shower, and that’s good because this van does not come with a shower!

As an unrealized hippie, you don't have an I-Pod or MP3 player, and that’s OK. You’ll be rocking out to the best cassettes in your collection. I can even throw in a coupla dozen hard core 80s and 90s classics straight from Columbia House.

You're covered, both literally and figuratively, if you’re into the hippie free love thing - the van comes complete with original curtains for the entire vehicle and even a bug screen for the back door to keep those pesky yuppies at bay.

Anytime you travel, it’s always good to have someone with valuable experience, and experience doesn’t get any better than having travelled the equivalent of eight and a half times around the planet – that's almost 260,000km for those of you that skipped that geography class for some extra curricular activities out back of the school!

So what’s stopping you? Well the brakes will stop this van dead in its tracks because it’s all new in the last three years. This van will even start when you ask it, since the starter was replaced two years ago and we’re all seeing so much clearer now that we have a new windshield with no cracks (please…. no Rob Ford jokes about crack).

When you’re feeling tired, this VW Camper Van isn't; it’s 'tired' with 5 fresh Federal Ecovan tries shipped in form BC (honest, there was no bud with themJ ) and have since travelled about 2000km.

So what’s this hippie experience going to cost you? Certainly not your marriage or any friends, because everyone will want to come along for a weekend of hippie adventures. But it will cost you about $980.00 in the summer of love money… but that was 45 years ago so now it’ll be $6500.

As you know peace loving hippies never want to argue, so if you have a fair offer otherwise, I’m still rocking my inner hippie as well so we should be cool man.

for the lawyers..... may you all rot in... err... wrong ad... it's a 1992 VW Eurovan Westfalia, factory built camper van. Modern version of the classic VW pop top.

Peace out. Make love not war.

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