Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good vibrations, one hour at a time (709)

Do you know what a Sybian is? I recall it being a bit of a phenomenon more than ten years ago when I was a younger man and visited some of the less reputable parts of the Internet. Well, here's someone offering to rent one out.

Sybian for rent on Kijiji Toronto
This reminds me of a Great Idea I was never able to capitalize upon.

Remember RealDoll? They might still exist -- hyper-realistic silicone mannequins designed for sexual use. I figured someone could make good money running a RealDoll escort service. Buy a small stable of dolls -- a brunette, a blond, etc -- and rent them out with delivery included. Yeah, cleanup would be kind of gross, but you could probably make a good buck out of it somehow.

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