Friday, August 30, 2013

Mike wants to be your friend, business partner, and weird guy (713)

wanted friendship / buisness
Address Humboldt, SK S0K, Canada

Would you like to be a land owner. well all you have to do is live on this farm , help with some of the work, learn to drive a quad, bike, sled, jet ski, vehicle and be able to get along with me. And you will be willed the land. However, you have to continue this until i pass away. If you become to sick to help with certain work i will take that into consideration. I am not a slave driver, i do not push or rush anyone to work, you do not need to get up early or put in eight hour days, if you like to get up at noon and work four hrs a day, thats ok with me.
One thing i have to state is that i am straight, i have been getting to many replies from guys for all the wrong reasons, this is a friendship / work related only. Hope that this clears everything straight.
Hi my name is mike, i am a 43 year old single male, 6 foot 170 pounds never married and have no children. This farm is a family heritage farm site that was started by my great grandfather. To all the people that want to scam me, i am not a sucker so do not try. I am looking for a person or persons that do not own house or land property / cannot afford to buy and will not be acquiring such.
I am looking for a person that is satisfied with a nice relaxed life style, i am not looking for someone that just want and want and want and are running around and do not know what they are really doing and keep digging themselves deeper into debt.
If you are an alcohol/ drug abuser or a violent person or bible thumpers "preachers" do not reply.
I would prefere a person that wants to live organically "going green".I would like to be organic in as many ways as possible, naturally all cannot be organic, example, recycled oils for fuel / heat, maybe make ethanol fuel, ?.. I cannot do the things required "alone" to live organically, and this is why i am looking for friendship help. I am open to other options.
my mom and dad are very old and do not partake in much of the farm activities. I live in an older house trailer and they live in the second original old farm house. There is lots of room to move a house or house trailer. There is no underground water well, the water is collected rain water or hauled in from a local well. electricity is used for the most part for the freezer, fridge, entertainment and as a heat source
the only farm animals that are here are one small dog and a cat.
Housing can be provided, . Once you reply we can work out the details.
One other thing, this is not a job application or a regular pay check. "organic" living of the land usually means poor. However if i can find the right person / business person or persons to work with, i am sure it could become a thriving business, nevertheless i would like it to be a "small" organic farm. This will be worth your effort.
I live near humboldt saskatchewan canada. Please email for more info. Thank you.

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