Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Male Pokemon Trainer Seeking Worthy Adversary (716)

Male Pokemon Trainer Seeking Worthy Adversary
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Address Saint John, NB, Canada

Indigo League top16 contender specializing in Ghost and Psychic types, seeks local trainers to participate in one-on-one battles of 3-6 Pokemon each for training sessions before the winter Ice League Tournament in Alaska

Please contact using that weird skype box thing at your local Pokemon Center and messaging me @ "MagikarpMayonaise1126" and letting me know where and when you want to battle!

Me and my Pokemon team will be available for the better part of the month. All challengers will be taken, though not a one taken lightly.

*No Items to be applied in-battle (fresh water, potions, burn heal, etc.), only held items permitted.*

See you on the field,

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