Send a 'You Suck at Kijiji' certificate

Ever wanted to let someone know how bad their ad is? Have you seen a Kijiji posting that just demanded a snarky response?

It's never smart to harass people online, but if you have to, at least do it in a colourful and fun way with our You Suck at Kijiji certificate.

Just send them the following link:

It will direct them to a page with the following beautiful award certificate:

2 Responses to “Send a 'You Suck at Kijiji' certificate”

Anonymous said...
July 4, 2015 at 11:18 PM

I think someone should call the BBB Better Business Breuer and get this thing started as I had enough, I repeat enough of the Bullying from Kijiji This was my message my last one of 15 messages Today I WAS SHOCKED

I did not violate any posting violations after they had told me about the terms and use. This is outrageous and unjustified to say the least. not being even able to pay for an ad??? I post my pocket size flyers all around my area of the city and I don't have to deal with this abusive behavior from kijiji

This is a huge customer service issue on your part not mine I have never been blocked by anyone. You are not a fare company and I would like to ask you if your Rules and regulation comply with how you've handled the matter and do business on the internet just because your a Big company now does not give you the right to treat people that way do they know about all this behavior treating customers like they are dirt.

I'm sorry that you were confused by all the evidence that I put before you. it may need it handled by someone more capable to comprehend information that is clear and dignified otherwise it could cause others to stumble.

You do not stand true to your word in your help section. Just because your a big fish does not mean I have to swim in your waters.

I have many friends that work in the industry of the business world and they were shocked when they heard the news about Kijij Blocking me until September. As you seem to make a report of this issue

So will I for future records this matter has not been resolved in a manner due to your outrageous ways I thought Kijij employed workers that are of the intelligent and can see and communicate effectively towards resolving and moving on.


Raymond said...
March 12, 2019 at 1:16 PM

Why I cannot send an email

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